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July 8, 2019
dog pile .com

A simple compound of dog and pile, a dog-pile described a tackling mound of american football players as early as 1921. The expression is apparently inspired by the way dogs seem to pile on each other when feeding or playing.

Dog pile unknown a group of people jumping on one person and taking him down to the ground , then more people jumping on top of the pile. If you have ever witnessed a litter of hungry puppies all go after a piece of kibble or a table scrap at the same time, you can appreciate the similarity.

Dogpile synonyms, dogpile pronunciation, dogpile translation, english dictionary definition of dogpile. A heap or cluster of people pressed closely together or piled on top of each other, as in celebration or assault.

A dog vlog channel featuring dog park vlogs, raw feeding, visiting rescue dogs, feeding stray dogs etc.

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Dogpile definition the definition of a dogpile is a heap of people or things, or a search engine that captures results from several other search engines. (noun) an example of a dogpile is a bunch of football players piled together in a struggle for.

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